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Process Excellence, Intelligent Automation,
Decision Management and Digital Transformation.

  • Process Capability Development

Build Your Process Maturity

Whether you optimize existing processes or design and implement new ones, our process capability development services can provide the expertise and support you need. From creating an initial Center of Excellence to rolling out firm-wide process capabilities, we can provide guidance, training, and support to help you succeed.

  • Intelligent Automation

Technology for Process Excellence

Intelligent automation provides your business with increased accuracy and reliability, as well as faster processing times. Say goodbye to manual errors and inefficiencies, and hello to a more streamlined and efficient operation. Focus on what matters: The Customer Experience.

  • DMN Design Services

Decision Automation

Understand, document, and automate your decisions with the Decision Model & Notation standard. We provide education, design, and advisory services around DMN and Decision Automation.

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We advise clients across a wide range of industries and geographies.

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Not only is Michael a recognized expert in Business Process Management, he is also down to earth enough to explain to ordinary people what his research is about and social enough to actually do it. These three strengths combined make him one of the best colleagues or business partners to have.”


General Manager, Microsoft