We study how Artificial Intelligence integrates with Business Process Management. This happens in three areas: Content, Coordination, and Design.

AI has an impact on specific jobs and/or activities that occur within one or more business processes. In these cases AI impacts the content of the process, and the content of the work.

We perform a handful of stereotypical tasks in the context of a knowledge-work process: Gather information, Decide something (on the basis of information), Update information, Communicate information (e.g., notify others), and Manage the work of others (which is the next block of tasks).

AI may affect how we coordinate processes. This includes, for example, assigning work to participants, supervising their performance, resolving exceptions, and monitoring the progress of process instances. That’s the type of work where workflow systems have traditionally played a role.

Finally, AI may impact the design of work at large, and the specific design of the process. This includes the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation-type tasks.